Seeking A Teeth Whitening Treatment From Your Dentist

seeking-a-teeth-whitening-treatment-from-your-dentistYou can find products to whiten your teeth at the grocery store, or in your local pharmacy, so why should you ask your dentist about teeth whitening? What you should know is that whitening agents are used to clear up stains that have gathered in your enamel. While over-the-counter products can work against surface stains, there are deeper stains that can be left alone. A professional whitening procedure can have a more thorough impact, and leave your teeth many shades whiter after a treatment. Your dentist can perform the procedure in a single visit, but you also have the option of whitening your teeth at home. Seeking your dentist’s help can also be important because your discoloration may stem from a problem that requires a solution other than whitening.

Make A Choice – In-Office Whitening, Or At-Home Whitening?

Determining which route you take in your professional whitening – at-home or in the office – can hinge on your personal needs. If you want to see dramatic results in less time, you can be through with the whitening process in a single appointment. However, if you want to tend to your teeth on your own time, you can pick up the required materials from your dentist and whiten your teeth at home on your schedule.

Coming Up With Alternative Cosmetic Whitening Treatments

A teeth whitening treatment is not the only cosmetic dental procedure that can leave you with a whiter smile. You can address many problems, including discoloration, when you have porcelain veneers placed. Veneers are popular because their results are long-lasting, and because they can address cosmetic problems in addition to discoloration. They can also be used to address intrinsic discoloration, a problem whitening agents are not meant to solve.