Silencing Your Snoring: FAQs

sleepapneacouple2Do you snore? Have you ever been made the embarrassing punch line of a joke because someone has endured your loud snoring? If you just agreed to either statement, you may feel frustrated with this common problem – you may also not realize help is on the horizon. To learn more about how our team of dental professionals can help reduce your snoring and why it is so important to your long-term health, consider the following frequently asked questions patients tend to bring up during their visits:

Frequently Asked Questions About Snoring

Question: What is snoring?

Answer: When you sleep, your throat muscles usually remain active, which supports your throat tissues – this keeps your throat open for effective breathing. However, when these muscles relax a bit too much, your throat tissues come into contact with one another. When you breathe, they vibrate together, creating the noise you know as snoring.

Question: Aside from being embarrassing, why is snoring a bad thing?

Answer: This issue may cause a variety of problems. We encourage you to reduce your snoring to improve the following problems:

  • Your significant other may lose out on sleep because of the noise you create
  • You may wake throughout the night or fail to enjoy deep sleep, which can result in fatigue-filled days
  • Snoring may cause you to have a sore throat or headache upon waking

Question: How can you treat my problem?

Answer: We can help you reduce your snoring with noninvasive, simple treatment. We offer comfortable dental snoring appliances – much like a mouth guard that you will wear while you sleep. This device will gently realign your jaw, placing your lower jaw slightly forward. This realignment helps to keep your air passages open and free of obstruction while you sleep, so you can enjoy successful rest. 


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