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Gum Disease May Affect Rates of Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and your Vista dentist Dr. Sabet wants to highlight the connection between oral health and one’s overall health. Research over the past several years has determined that gum disease is a risk factor for many chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and even prostrate cancer. Recent data also… Read more »

Your Vista Dentist Quizzes You on Sealants

No parent wants to put their child through a preventable procedure, even one as smooth and stress-free as a dental filling. Dental Sealants are an extremely effective tool to prevent childhood cavities and the need for fillings. Sealants have successfully reduced childhood cavities for 40 years.  Your Vista dentist Dr. Alex Sabet gently paints sealants… Read more »

ClearCorrect Brings Braces to Adults

As adults, we understand the power of first impressions. Sometimes, crooked or crowded teeth cause us to feel self-conscious about our smiles or worried about the kind of first impression we impart on others. Your Vista dentist, Dr. Sabet, provides a comfortable and effective method for straightening teeth, ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect is an ideal choice for… Read more »

True/False Quiz: Teeth Whitening

If you have ever worried about stained or discolored teeth, Dr. Alexander Sabet performs modern whitening treatments right here in his Vista office. Dr. Sabet offers the Kor Whitening treatment which is strong enough to brighten severely discolored teeth but with little risk of tooth sensitivity. Take Dr. Sabet’s informative true/false quiz about teeth whitening…. Read more »

Porcelain Veneers FAQ

As we get older, our teeth age with us. They may start to shift, crack, or develop ugly grooves. With a simple restoration called porcelain veneers, you can get back to that beautiful smile you once enjoyed. Your Vista dentist, Dr. Alexander Sabet, provides stellar preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry in a friendly, comfortable office…. Read more »