The Potential Impact Of Stress On Your Oral Health

Can your physical or emotional well-being be a factor when it comes to your risk for dental problems? It is important for your smile’s sake to remain consistent with good oral hygiene habits. During times of stress, a person’s routine can be interrupted for different reasons, which can interfere with their commitment to preventing problems with tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, by prioritizing good habits, and putting effort into the management of stressful feelings, you can control your risks. Our Vista, CA dentist’s office is proud of the care we have provided to families in our community during routine dental exams. With that said, we are also committed to helping people develop and maintain good habits at home to keep them safe from future problems.

Are Your Stress Levels Interfering With Your Ability To Prevent Cavities?

If your stress levels remain high for an extended period of time, your health can be impacted in different ways. One thing to worry about is the effect stress can have on your ability to sleep properly. When you lack rest, you can feel groggy or exhausted at the beginning and end of each day, times when people typically take care of their smile. As a consequence, you rush through brushing and flossing, give these tasks too little attention, or simply fail to perform them at certain times. Stress can also be an issue for your teeth because it can cause dry mouth, and because it may lead to the start of a teeth grinding habit that wears down your enamel.

Dental Damage From Stress-Related Teeth Grinding

If you start to grind your teeth because of elevated stress levels, you may develop a sore jaw, and find that biting and chewing are becoming uncomfortable. You can also experience visible wear and tear on your teeth that can hurt your appearance. In time, the pressure generated while you grind or clench your teeth can lead to dental damage that may require restorative dental work! This problem is something that can be managed when you work on lowering stress levels, particularly before bedtime to help with nighttime grinding or clenching. You can also protect yourself by cutting back on alcohol and caffeine. With that said, many patients will find that a special oral appliance is helpful for protecting their teeth when they have issues bringing nighttime teeth grinding under control.

You Should Take Your Daily Oral Health Care Seriously

Once a cavity forms, there is not a way for you to halt its growth on your own. At first, the damage will require a dental filling, but in time it can lead to problems severe enough to require a dental crown. If you want to stay out of cavity trouble, make sure you are smart and consistent about your approach to dental care. That way, you can stop the buildup of oral bacteria that increases your risks for decay!

Your Vista, CA Dentist’s Office Can Help You Preserve Your Oral Health

At our Vista, CA dentist’s office, we help patients prevent and address dental problems. We have also helped many people deal with their cosmetic concerns! To find out more about us, call Melrose Dental Arts at 760-724-9117.