The Tools To Protect Your Little One’s Smile

children's dentistryProtecting your child’s smile is as important as the care you put into bolstering their overall health. We know that, as a parent, it can be challenging to get your child to put effort into an oral health care routine, but by successfully doing so, you are helping set them up for having a healthy smile for a lifetime. We understand that this task can be daunting but remember that you are not alone. In fact, we offer several services that are particularly helpful for keeping your little one’s teeth at their healthiest. In today’s blog, your Vista, CA dentist highlights dental sealants and fluoride treatments and describes how they can benefit your kid’s smile. 

Dental Sealants Offer Protection

When you bring your child in for their checkup, we can provide dental sealants for them. A sealant is made from a BPA-free acrylic that we gently paint onto their back molars. We apply them to this area because this is where the vast majority of chewing is done. Once we apply the sealant — as a liquid — it hardens and forms a protective layer on their teeth. This barrier prevents their teeth from making direct contact with food, which means that any lingering particles cannot cling to their enamel, cultivating bacteria. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), sealants can lessen decay by up to 80%, making this an immensely effective treatment for small smiles. The process of applying these to your child’s teeth is simple and non-intrusive, so we can seamlessly protect your kid’s smile while they are already in the chair for their cleaning and exam. 

Fluoride Provides Further Protection

We can also provide a fluoride treatment for your child. Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance that can strengthen enamel. Enamel is the outermost layer of teeth and works as a protective substance. It is known as being one of the strongest elements our body produces, but it can still weaken over time. Fluoride bolsters enamel, helping ensure that it is providing the protection it is supposed to. When enamel is at its strongest, it can help mitigate decay, lessening the chances for needing fillings or other treatments to address damaged teeth.

Do Not Forget About Checkups

While these are immensely helpful tools for protecting your child’s smile, you should still bring them in every six months for a cleaning and exam. During these visits, we can ensure their smiles are as clean and plaque-free as possible and can also address any lingering issues. Our dental technology allows us to examine their smiles in a non-intrusive manner, meaning that your child is at ease in our office.

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