The Worst Foods for Your Teeth

The Worst Foods for Your TeethA healthy diet is one major contributor to the wellness of your teeth and gums. If you overindulge in certain foods and beverages, you could be putting your teeth at risk for cavities and advanced tooth decay. Sugary and starchy foods in particular directly contribute to the erosion of your tooth enamel and increased risk of tooth decay. Other foods are unhealthy for other reasons, such as a texture that could cause damage to teeth and restorations. Avoid the worst foods for your teeth to keep your mouth healthy.

Hard Candy

Hard candy should be avoided for two reasons. For one, it is high in sugar and therefore leads to weakened tooth enamel and increased risk for tooth decay. Secondly, hard candy has a hard texture that can be difficult to chew and could result in chipped teeth or damaged restorations.


Foods and beverages with a high acidity should be consumed in moderation, because the acidity is not good for your teeth. Citrus is particularly high in acid, which erodes the tooth enamel. The tooth enamel is the outermost protective layer of teeth, and it’s important to keep tooth enamel strong and healthy to prevent cavities. Citrus breaks down tooth enamel, which makes your teeth more susceptible to cavities.


Coffee is also acidic, but in addition to that negative property, it can also stain your teeth and cause dry mouth. To keep your teeth looking and feeling their best, limit your coffee consumption.

Sugary Beverages

It can be easy to consume more sugar than you realize if you are drinking your sugar, like with common sugary beverages soda, fruit juice, and sports drinks. Watch your sugar consumption and try to eliminate these sugary beverages. When you consume sugar, the sugar reacts with the bacteria in your mouth to produce an acid that erodes your tooth enamel. Weakening your tooth enamel leads to cavities and weakened tooth structure. Consume sugary foods and drinks in moderation to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.