Three Things To Expect During Your Dental Visit

Horizontal shot pleased dark skinned female with Afro haircut, points away with both fore fingers, shows blank space for your promotion, isolated over blue background. People, advertisement conceptWith the holidays finally here and Thanksgiving just around the corner, many families are preparing for their family gatherings. The holidays mean delicious comfort food, enjoying each other’s presence, and kicking back and relaxing. While it is a time for rest, one thing that you do not want to become too lax on is your oral health, and the holidays are the time of year that cavities like to make themselves known. Even though it may seem like there is little harm in delaying your routine preventive visit until after the New Year, it could actually be detrimental, which is why your Vista, CA dentist at Melrose Dental Arts wants to let you know about the importance of attending your routine checkup, and three things you can expect from it.

Routine Care and Advice

When you arrive for your scheduled visit, your provider will begin by asking you questions about your oral health, including if you have been experiencing any discomfort, aching, swelling, or tooth sensitivity. We will also discuss your regular preventive routine at home and diet to get an idea of potential points of concern or harm. Once this has been established, then we will proceed with the examination.

Detection of Concerns

Your dental examination serves as a method of detecting any points of concern or harm that has been caused to your smile. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth and oral structures for any indication of harm caused to the gums by oral bacteria or damaged caused to teeth such as chips, cracks, and cavities. In addition to this, we will examine the tongue, checks, throat, and roof of your mouth for any signs of infection or abnormality such as a a rough patch, discoloration, and more. While it may seem unnecessary, this step is actually very vital in identifying problems early on with the use of specialized tools and training. In fact, it is recommended that people attend a checkup at least once every six months to maximize the chances of preventing serious dental concerns that may lead to decay or extraction.

Plaque Removal

Following the exam will be a dental cleaning, in which your dentist will take care to remove harmful deposits of plaque that may be present. When bacteria gather, they inhabit the areas of your mouth that are difficult to clean, such as behind the teeth. If allowed to continue, plaque will grow and calcify, forming tartar that is even more difficult to remove and also causes bad breath, decay, and even tooth loss.

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