Time for a Dental Education Checkup

When it comes to doing anything well, everyone has to review the basics from time to time. While fundamentals may seem simple, doing them well is vital for success. This is true in everything from sports, to playing an instrument, to the way you brush your teeth! As a regular tooth brusher, you may not even think about how you brush your teeth while you do it. This is when bad habits can begin to form. Taking an active approach to brushing your teeth ensures that you reach all of the surfaces of your teeth and gums. If you haven’t revisited your tooth brushing for a while, now is the time for a dental education checkup.

Here’s a Handy Guide for How You Should Brush Your Teeth

You want to start with your toothbrush. While your technique is important, your toothbrush is just as crucial. You should use a soft bristle head so that the process of brushing is not too abrasive on your gums. If you don’t currently use an electric toothbrush, seriously consider making the switch. Electric toothbrushes allow you to be more thorough with less effort than a traditional toothbrush.

Next, think about your technique. You should be brushing the surfaces of your teeth, but you should also be reaching your gum line. Bacteria can aggregate here as well, so keeping your gums clean is important. You should brush from the gums out (so, gums-up on your bottom teeth and gums-down on your top teeth). This moves bacteria away from your gum line. Brushing for 2 to 4 minutes at least twice a day is recommended.

You Should Make an Appointment for Your Actual Dental Checkup as Well

Proper home care is important, but so is visiting your dentist! You need to make regular visits to your dentist for cleanings and exams to ensure that no problems are developing on the surfaces of your teeth or beneath your gum line.

Melrose Dental Arts Welcomes You for Your Appointment

When you need to make your next dentist appointment, go with Melrose Dental Arts. Our friendly team offers advice and educational components during biannual visits. You’ll leave the office with teeth that feel clean and ready for proper home care. To make your appointment for yourself or your child, contact Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at 760-724-9117.