Tooth Bonding Offers Conservative Repair In One Visit

tooth bonding

What if we had a cosmetic treatment that could repair damage, and mask issues like permanent teeth stains, all in just one visit? With dental bonding, we have the ability to transform your smile in a single sitting, returning your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty. In today’s blog, your Vista, CA, dentist will take a look at how we use dental bonding to restore smiles.

The Bonding Process

What does the treatment involve? We start by carefully examining your smile with advanced technology, identifying and assessing the extent of your cosmetic issues. If we decide to use bonding to restore your smile, we administer a local anesthetic and then remove decay from the tooth. We may also etch the surfaces. We then prepare the composite resin, a mixture of glass and acrylic that can be shaded to blend with your smile. The material is then applied in several layers. A special light is used to cure the material, and we complete the process by thoroughly polishing your smile, providing a more lifelike appearance. All of this lonely takes one sitting to complete, so you leave with a more beautiful smile!

Cosmetic Improvement

When we repair the tooth with bonding, we have a chance to treat minor chips and cracks, and correct misshapen and malformed teeth. We also fill gaps between the teeth in your smile, and help lengthen teeth worn down as a result of teeth grinding. We’ve also used the esthetic treatment to mask permanent teeth stains. Also known as intrinsic discoloration, this refers to stains that from beneath the outer enamel and may not otherwise respond to traditional teeth whitening methods. We also address issues with the surface of the teeth too!

Don’t Ignore Chipped Teeth!

While most of the issues this option addresses are purely cosmetic, there is one that also impacts the health of your smile. We often use composite reins to repair minor chips and cracks, which is very important as even minor damage exposes the inner layers of dentin to bacteria. Tooth decay then forms, and may even lead to a serious infection over time. If your tooth is chipped or cracked, contact our team right away to seek treatment. We want to restore your smile to optimal health and beauty, and help you stay free of serious oral health complications.

Our Vista, CA Dentist’s Office Talks Cosmetic Repair

Our Vista, CA dentist’s office offers a cost-effective and conservative method of repairing teeth and masking cosmetic uses in just one sitting. Our team also offers professional teeth whitening and even porcelain veneers. For more information on our same-day esthetic repairs and our other cosmetic treatment options, then please contact Melrose Dental Arts at 760-724-9117.