Touch Up Your Enamel And See Big Changes

Heartwarming Vista CAThe surface of our teeth is made up of a substance known as enamel. This tissue is firm and durable enough to withstand the daily rigors of chewing. There are times when you might lose some of your natural enamel. You may lose a piece of a tooth through a chip or a substantial break. The repair of this situation is vital in prevention of future bacterial infection, so do not ignore even minor instances of damage from trauma.

Tooth decay can also harm your health and beauty. The buildup of plaque and tartar on the outside of your teeth can lead to the buildup of acidic waste. You may have cavities that require repair with a beautiful composite filling that appears natural within your smile. A brighter oral health future is available with Dr. Ali Amiri at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA. Revive your smile with enamel enhancement such as porcelain veneers and dental bonding. These procedures can help you to look better and feel better through a safer smile.

A Natural Appearance With Composite Fillings

Cavities occur as a result of the acidic waste that bacteria produce. When your oral hygiene is not as strict as it needs to be, these microorganisms build colonies within the deeper areas of the mouth. A substance called plaque begins to form on your enamel. Over time, this hardens into tartar, which requires professional removal.

When a cavity forms, it creates a small hole within your enamel. Further infection can spread into the body of the tooth and into the soft tissue. A tooth filling helps to stop this possibility by plugging the hole. Our composite fillings blend in with your natural enamel tissue so that your smile continues to look gorgeous.

Repair The Loss Of Enamel And Elevate Smile Quality

The shape of your teeth may not be exactly how you would like them to be. This may be as a result of the smile that you have been born with. Conversely, wear and damage can accumulate and leave you with a less-than-stellar appearance.

Enamel repair using porcelain veneers offers a comprehensive improvement to the look and function of your teeth. This process uses a thin sliver of translucent ceramic. When your dentist places your custom new veneer, this surface covers your existing enamel. Roughness and wear can be filed out smoothly, giving you a gorgeous apprearance.

Dental bonding is another process that can help in instances of minor tooth damage. This utilizes a durable resin that looks natural after shaping and polishing.

Beautiful Enamel Refinement In Vista, CA

Your enamel provides a dual role in protection and appearance. Revive your look with the help of quality cosmetic dentistry. Give us a call at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at 760-724-9117 to set aside a time for a consultation with Dr. Amiri, DDS.