What Do Preventive Orthodontics Consist Of?

orthoThe dental term orthodontics brings to mind the “correction” of dental irregularities such as crooked teeth. But orthodontics is not only about the correction, it is also about the prevention of dental problems. Perhaps you didn’t know that your dentist or orthodontist can help prevent problems from developing with your child’s teeth. Imagine preventing them from coming in crooked. Imagine the expense and inconvenience bypassing braces would prevent. Preventive orthodontics can waylay a variety of issues.

Issues for Preventive Orthodontics

While orthodontic procedures and techniques regard guiding teeth into certain positions, preventive orthodontics does the same thing (as the teeth are growing into place rather than after they are already in place). As your child’s teeth and jaws are growing, regular checkups and x-rays can allow us to see any problems forming ahead of time including teeth crowding and teeth ready to erupt crooked.


We can stop a problem before it develops with preventive ortho treatments such as:

Space Maintainers: Space maintainers are used to “save” the space when a baby tooth is lost, knocked out, or extracted before the underlying tooth is ready to erupt. This prevents the adjacent teeth from shifting causing new teeth to come in crooked.

Early Extraction: If your child’s tooth does not fall out at the appropriate time, we may need to extract it to make room for the erupting tooth. This prevents the new tooth from erupting crooked.

Guided Eruption: If your child’s teeth are crowded, they may need newly erupting teeth guided into proper alignment while growing in.

Dental Headgear: Your child may require a headgear appliance to address crowding and the eruption of molars.


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