When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Tooth in the crown on a blue background. Happy Dentist's Day concept.Oral health is often not at the forefront of many people’s minds, as concerns such as what to make for dinner, picking up the kids from soccer practice, and other immediate topics typically occupy that space. In fact, brushing in the morning and evening may come as a second nature activity to many. But what happens when you unintentionally neglect your oral health and larger concerns such as decay and tooth loss arise? In today’s blog, your Vista, CA dentist will look at circumstances in which a dental crown may be warranted to preserve your oral health.

Severe Infection or Decay

Oftentimes, your dentist will recommend attending a routine examination and cleaning at least once every six months in order to monitor your teeth and ensure that minor concerns do not develop into major ones. In fact, many issues that arise can be addressed with a simple procedure, but the more you wait, the worse it is going to be. For example, a cavity develops when harmful bacteria cause a portion of your tooth to decay, leaving behind a weakened structure and hole. These are typically addressed with a dental filling, however, if they progress past a certain point, your restoration could fail and a more extensive procedure will be needed.

When your tooth experiences severe infection or decay, the chances of a less-intensive procedure working reduces drastically. What’s more, your tooth could continue to decay until it is ultimately lost, requiring implant dentistry to remedy. In cases such as these, your dentist may recommend a crown to protect and preserve the natural structure.

Protecting Other Structures

A dental crown can be utilized to address many scenarios, including a severely decayed structure,  containing infection and preventing spread to other teeth, and even as a method to protect a tooth while it is healing after a root canal procedure. They are durable, hollow caps that fit over a structure securely to prevent oral bacteria from entering, and can be crafted out of a variety of materials to best suit your needs. These include Metal crowns, Zirconia, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and E-Max.

Occasionally, an infection can be so severe that it threatens the structural integrity of not only the tooth it is affecting, but the surrounding teeth as well. In this case, a crown can be utilized to contain the infection and prevent your other healthy structures from suffering.

Restoring Your Smile

Tooth loss is the last thing that you or your dentist want, and taking the steps to preserve your teeth is a top priority. To learn more about your restorative dental options, or to schedule your appointment with our team, contact Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA by calling 760-724-9117 today to find out how we can help.