Why Are Dental Crowns Known as “Caps?”

If you’ve suffered any kind of significant damage to a tooth before, it’s likely that your dentist has treated the issue with a dental crown. If you’re just learning about dental crowns, these dental restorations are powerful tools that a dentist can use to fix a wide variety of oral health problems. Dental crowns are sometimes referred to as “caps,” and that’s because they function like a cap for your tooth — fitting over the top of the tooth and protecting it. In today’s blog, we cover all of the ways that a dental crown can support a damaged tooth after treatment.

A Dental Crown Can Cap a Damaged Tooth

Your dental crown works by capping your tooth to prevent bacteria or physical harm from befalling the tooth. Your dentist fabricates your crown by taking precise measurements of the tooth it is covering, as well as the surrounding teeth. By doing this, your dentist can make a crown that fits comfortably alongside your other teeth. The crown will completely cover the tooth, while still looking like your natural tooth. Your dentist can even control the color of the crown, so that it truly blends in with the rest of your teeth.

Dental Crowns Protect All Kinds of Vulnerable Teeth

Any tooth that has been compromised from a structural standpoint can use a dental crown. This can be a tooth with a significant cavity, one which a dental filling can’t completely restore. A dental crown can also be used to cover a tooth that needs root canal therapy. Root canal therapy removes infection that has worked its way deep inside the tooth. Often, this can weaken the tooth, and the dental crown is used as a preventive measure. If your tooth is cracked or broken after a physical accident, a dental crown can also be used in this case to protect the tooth.

Dental Crowns Are Used on Dental Implants as Well

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed in your jawbone to replace missing teeth. The post recreates the effect of tooth roots, making this prosthetic durable and functional. However, just having a titanium post in your mouth wouldn’t do you much good. Your dentist will also fabricate a crown to fit over the post so that you have a chewing surface that functions like a natural tooth. Of course, the crown also creates the appearance of a natural tooth as well, so you won’t feel self conscious about the prosthetic.

Receive Your Dental Crown at Melrose Dental Arts

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