Why Is Flossing Such a Big Deal?

Why Is Flossing Such a Big Deal?Do you ever wonder why your dentist makes such a fuss about your flossing habits? Well, brushing the teeth is important, but so is flossing. Dentists estimate that 1/3 of the teeth’s surface remain untouched when you choose to skip out on flossing. This can lead to increased tartar buildup, and eventually cavities, gingivitis and other dental issues. Fortunately, you can help to keep your teeth cleaner between dental checkups and cleanings simply by adding flossing to your daily hygiene habits!

Don’t Just Brush Your Teeth

While brushing your teeth is important to keeping the teeth clean and healthy, without flossing there is still a large portion of your teeth going untouched. Sadly, most people admit to failing to floss on a regular basis, which can create a heightened risk of cavities and other dental problems.

Mouthwash can be a helpful addition to one’s hygiene routine, but it is not a substitute for flossing.

Protect Your Oral Health Between Cleanings

If you want to limit tartar buildup and prevent the development of cavities and even gum disease, then consider adding flossing to your routine. This act only takes a few minutes, yet it can greatly improve your oral health when done consistently.

If you are unsure about how to floss correctly, you can ask your dentist for a demonstration at your next appointment. That said, the American Dental Association has also made helpful instructional videos available online. Just make sure you are using a clean portion of floss to gently move in between each and every one of your teeth.

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