Why Isn’t Teeth Whitening Working for Me?

Who doesn’t want a brighter, whiter smile? The appearance of your teeth affects the appearance of your smile. The appearance of your smile can affect your confidence and comfort in professional and social settings. Teeth staining is a natural occurrence for most people. Over time, your teeth can begin to yellow and lose their pristine shine. When that happens, you may turn to a solution like teeth whitening. Teeth whitening treatment helps many patients restore their beautiful smile, but sometimes, you don’t get the results you’re after. Why? What happens when teeth whitening isn’t working for you?

Teeth Whitening Bleaches Pigment Out of Enamel

To understand why teeth whitening is or isn’t working for you, you should first understand what teeth whitening is. Teeth whitening is a process that uses a bleaching agent to remove the pigment from your teeth. The foods you eat, drinks you drink, and lifestyle habits you may have all contribute pigment into your mouth. As that pigment comes in contact with your teeth and rests on their surfaces, it can start to seep into the top layer of porous enamel. Over time, an aggregation of pigment can create a yellowed appearance.

Are You Using Professional Teeth Whitening or Over-the-Counter?

There are lots of different teeth whitening products that come in the form of toothpastes, trays, and strips. You can find a wide selection of whitening products at your local drugstore, but they don’t always deliver when it comes to brightening your smile. That’s because the bleaching agent that these products use may be too weak or ineffectual. Professional teeth whitening through your dentist gives you access to professional-grade bleaching power, and it gives you someone to confer with during your treatment, so you can ask questions as needed.

Is Your Teeth Staining Intrinsic?

Most teeth staining is extrinsic, meaning that it comes from external sources and affects the top layer of your enamel. However, some staining can be intrinsic. This type of teeth staining can be caused by pigmentation inside the tooth. It may be the product of a genetic or medical issue, so you’ll want to address this with your dentist as well. If your staining is intrinsic, or you have dental prosthetics, there are alternatives to teeth whitening, like porcelain dental veneers, that can still give you a brighter, whiter smile.

Find Professional Teeth Whitening at Melrose Dental Arts

If you’re ready for a teeth whitening treatment that delivers, choose Melrose Dental Arts. During your consultation, you’ll receive an evaluation to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for whitening. If not, we can also find an alternative whitening solution for you. Schedule your whitening consultation at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA by contacting our office at 760-724-9117.