Why We Prioritize Periodontal Care

Two shots of a young woman with red bleeding gums and health gumFor most of us, a major oral health goal consists of maintaining a healthy and happy smile for life. More often than not, this involves taking care to attend routine dental appointments, brush our teeth at home, and even pay mind to the effects certain foods in our diets have over our oral health. Keep in mind, however, that your oral health is influenced by more than just your teeth, and neglecting other aspects of it will only lead to complications and infections down the line. In today’s blog, your Vista, CA dentist discusses the importance in prioritizing your periodontal health in addition to your teeth, and how you can take strides both in-office and at-home to help.

More Than Just Your Teeth

From a young age, our parents or guardians have insisted that we brush our teeth regularly to keep them strong. Though at the time this may have seemed like a ploy for adults to make us do stuff we did not want to, in reality, this is what laid the foundation for a lifelong bill of oral health.

Indeed, brushing your teeth is essential for a healthy smile, but it is far from the only practice that matters. After all, your oral health is influenced by more factors than just your teeth, so failing to consider these factors when providing preventive care is a detriment to your oral health overall.

We know that tooth decay is one of the most common of oral health issues, but did you know that gum disease is nearly as common? Indeed, your periodontal tissues can house germs and even food particles from meals you have consumed, promoting the rapid production of bacteria. To keep them at bay, you must provide periodontal or gum care. Contact our team to learn more about this process today.

Preventing Gum Infections

Gum disease occurs when oral bacteria that are present in the mouth nestle their way beneath the gum line and contribute to plaque development on your teeth roots. It only gets worse with time, and it can lead to significant discomfort, sensitivity, and even pain and bleeding.

In our office, our team offers periodontal deep cleanings to help remove these deposits, but we recommend staying on top of gum care at home for the best results. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give our office a call.

Steps to Take at Home

Whether you are aware of it or not, your biggest defense against gum disease and other periodontal concerns is to floss regularly. As a matter of fact, our team recommends flossing after every meal or, at a minimum, once a day.

Learn More Today

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