Your Dental Filling Experience

toothwhitesmoothHave you long been a member of the cavity-free club and are sorry to say your membership has just expired? Or, perhaps you have had a cavity filled before but it has been quite some time (and you’re feeling just a bit nervous). Whatever the case, we are always happy to provide explanations about what patients can expect from restorative treatments like dental fillings. By learning about the details and all that we offer, you will quickly recognize that when it comes to addressing your tooth decay, you can feel relaxed and confident.

The Procedure Is Comfortable

We will numb your tooth before we begin your filling. This use of local anesthetic also applies to surrounding tissue to ensure your procedure is comfortable.

Your Filling Can Include Sedation

If you tend to feel anxious about restorative treatments, we may provide you with a form of sedation dentistry. That way, you can feel relaxed and completely at ease during your filling.

We Will Stop The Decay

The goal – in addition to replacing the missing tissue – is to stop the tooth decay from becoming any worse. When we remove the decayed tissue and clean away debris, you can rest assure that the case of decay you are experiencing will no longer affect your tooth.

A Filling Restores Your Tooth

Once we remove the decayed tissue from within the cavity, we will replace all of the missing tissue with a dental filling. You will enjoy a full, complete tooth that you can use to speak and chew like you used to.

You Can Expect Beautiful Results

We offer composite dental fillings – also called “white” or “tooth-colored.” By matching the material to your tooth, we make sure your smile looks beautiful and natural.