Your Vista Dentist Quizzes You on Sealants

dental educationNo parent wants to put their child through a preventable procedure, even one as smooth and stress-free as a dental filling. Dental Sealants are an extremely effective tool to prevent childhood cavities and the need for fillings. Sealants have successfully reduced childhood cavities for 40 years.  Your Vista dentist Dr. Alex Sabet gently paints sealants atop back teeth where bacteria accumulate. Take Dr. Sabet’s informative true/false quiz to test your knowledge of dental sealants.

True/False Quiz

  1. True or False. My child will encounter a quick and straightforward procedure when receiving her sealant.
  2. True or False. Dental sealants are placed on the chewing surfaces of back teeth.
  3. True or False. Dental sealants are used in conjunction with cavity-fighting fluoride. Sealants do not replace fluoride treatments.
  4. True or False. Dental Sealants last from 5 to 10 years.


Answer Key

  1. True. The steps for receiving a dental sealant are quite simple and uncomplicated. First, Dr. Sabet will clean and dry the teeth. He will then place a solution atop the teeth which helps the sealant adhere to the tooth. Dr. Sabet will then delicately spread a thin layer of the sealant on top of the tooth after which he may shine a curing light to solidify the sealant.
  2. True. Sealants are placed on the surfaces of the back teeth because germs can quickly build up in the grooves of those teeth. This accumulation of germs puts these teeth at greater risk for developing cavities.
  3. True. Dr. Sabet encourages the use of fluoride treatments and fluoridated water consumption in addition to dental sealants. Sealants and fluoride work together to decrease tooth decay.
  4. True. Dental sealants can last for up to ten years with strong dental hygiene habits. Dr. Sabet encourages parents to bring their child in for their cleanings every six months so that he can check sealants for any chipping or damage. He can easily replace them as needed.

About Our Vista Dentist

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